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Heat Pump Maintenance

When You Should Call A Professional For Heat Pump Maintenance

When You Should Call A Professional For Heat Pump Maintenance

As a heating and ac company in Mt Pleasant SC  we know there are certain times when you need to actually call a professional. Your home’s heat pump is something you shouldn’t tinker with unless you know what you’re doing. And 9 times out of 10, you probably don’t, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch on the subject matter. Some things are better left to professionals and your home’s heat pump maintenance is one of them. Here are some times when you should definitely pick up a phone and call a Mount Pleasant, SC, heat pump repair professional instead of trying to tackle the problem yourself:
The Unit Is Making Weird Noises
Although it’s perfectly normal for your unit to make some kind of noise when you turn on your AC or heat, if it’s making any rattling, grinding, squeaks, squeals or banging noises, you might have a problem on your hands. Because you don’t know what each sound indicates, it’s best to call a Mount Pleasant, SC, heat pump repair professional. But if you have to check it yourself before you make the call, look at the unit’s belts, screws, and nuts so that they are tight to eliminate those reasons for the noise. If that doesn’t fix the noise problem, it could be something serious and a professional repair person needs to come in and diagnose the problem.
No Heat Or Air Coming From The System
If you turn on your unit and nothing is happening, you should first check its thermostat and the power supply to make sure these parts are indeed on and running. But if both seem normal, go check the indicator light on the heat pump to see if the igniter is on. But if all seems to be on and there’s still no air, then you have a more serious problem that requires a professional to come out and repair.
A Sudden Increase In Your Electricity Bill
If it’s Spring and you’re not running your AC like you do in Summer and you still get a huge electricity bill, then something is wrong. Your AC unit uses more electricity than any other electric device in your home, so if there’s a malfunction somewhere, the heat pump will work harder. This, in turn, generates a larger-than-normal bill. You’ll want to call a professional to come out and see what’s wrong so that your electricity bill can go back to normal.
Your Heat Pump Is Freezing Over
Your heat pump is meant to produce cold air and should never freeze over. If it does, you’ll need to see if the air filter needs to be changed. But if you change it and it still freezes over, a Mount Pleasant, SC, heat pump repair professional should be called to come check out the problem.
The Heat Pump Is Old
If you see that your electricity bill is higher than your neighbors and it seems higher than the perceived amount of energy you use, then the problem could be an old heat pump that needs replacing. You should aim to replace your unit’s heat pump at least every 10 years. But a Mount Pleasant, SC, heat pump repair professional can come out and assess the problem and recommend a solution.
If your home requires a professional to come out and check out your heat pump, call Southern Seasons Heating & Air! We have many years of experience and have satisfied clients all over the Mount Pleasant, SC, area. We will make sure to assess your heat pump problem and find the right solution!

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