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Simple DIY AC Fixes to Try Before Replacing Your Unit

If you are getting yourself mentally prepared for upcoming summer, the necessity of examining the condition of your AC unit might have crossed your mind. You can easily get your AC unit checked up for any flaws and diagnose them by calling a nearby technician. In that case, you can rely on us, the Southern Seasons Heating & Air. Remember, our professional technicians are just a phone call away to deal with your problem.

Now let’s see, if your Air Conditioning unit has issues, when you should consider repairing your AC unit rather than planning to purchase a brand new one.

How old your AC unit is & how much would it cost to repair that though the most considerable factor to decide whether to repair or replace your Air Conditioning unit is cost, but the age comes first. You surely won’t spend much more of your cash on an older machine. The older your AC unit, the less repairing cost you might be willing to pay- that should be the simple rule. But it’s not that easy. For instance, say, you are having issues with your 12 years old AC unit. How much would you spend to fix it? Or, how much should you? 500$, 1000$ or 1500$? We know it’s kind of a critical dilemma you don’t usually have to face. Also, if you are planning to purchase a brand new AC unit, you have to take installation, transportation and other relevant costs into account. Then you should compare the cost of replacement to that of repairing.

According to most experts, average lifespan of an Air Conditioning unit ranges from 15 years to 20 years. But there are always exceptions. There might be few persons who had no choice but replaced their AC unit merely before it aged to 10 years old. And the vice-versa is also true. You may come through people still using a 20+ years old Air Conditioning system, keeping it under proper maintenance.

To simply considering repairing your AC unit, primarily focus on cost and your machine’s age. If you find it hard to decide, there is always a helping hand. Just contact Southern Seasons Heat & Air Service, and our expert will be at your doorstep to share your concern.

Abnormal noise & smell

If you notice unusual noise and smell is coming out of your AC unit, but it’s performing well, then it may be an alarming sign that your AC needs serious attention. This may be an indication that something is going to happen to your Air Conditioning system. While any of these happens, certain parts of your AC may need instant repairing or replacement. Doing so, you may extend the lifespan of the whole system. So, if you ever suspect that, something is wrong with your AC’s behavior, to whatever extent, you should immediately look for an expert and reliable technician. Luckily, reliable and incomparable services are all we offer in the greater Charleston area. So you don’t need to think twice before asking for professional help from us. Our experienced team will rapidly diagnose the problem, suggest the best solutions possible and will troubleshoot the issues ASAP. If you ignore this sort of silly issues, that may further cause costly repairs and could damage other parts as well. So don’t take any risks!

Your electricity bill is unexpectedly high

If you ever feel that, increasing electricity bill doesn’t make sense to you according to the energy consumption you actually perceive, some of your electric or electronic devices might be faulty. And if you believe that, your AC unit might be the culprit, you should not hesitate to perform a quick checkup. Even if your doubt proves to be accurate, most probably, you know a very little about what your AC unit made of is and how it actually works. Therefore, you may not understand how big the issue is with your Air Conditioning system. As a result, if your AC unit is relatively older, but not that much, you may find yourself to a very confusing state to decide whether repairing it is really worth an attempt. In such a case, trustworthy experts from Southern Seasons Heating & Air service can help you overcome the issue.

Type of refrigerant your Air Conditioning system is using

The refrigerant is one of the most vital elements of your Air Condition system. This is a special kind of gas which goes through cyclic compression and expansion process, and absorbs/rejects heat when and where it is necessary. That’s how your house is kept cold. Having leakage in internal parts of AC unit seems to be a common issue. Once you figure out you do have leakage, you will need to refill your unit with refrigerant. R-22 is a common refrigerant, which is also known as Freon. But as R-22 is hazardous to the environment, it’s production is going to be stopped in upcoming years. So, before repairing a unit which uses R-22, you may think twice. But R-410A is an environment-friendly refrigerant and few newer models of AC units are using them. If your AC unit is not that much older and is using R-410A refrigerant, you should try repairing leakages without having any doubt.

How many times you have repaired your AC

If your Air Conditioning system needs excessive repairs over time, then there is a possibility that your machine is faulty. Repairing it, again and again, could be a waste of money. But if it performs smoothly without needing too many repairs, then it’s in good condition. You may consider repairing instead of replacing when you have issues with it.

How often or long do you use your AC unit

You may not use your Air Conditioning system all day all night long. In fact, at Mount Pleasant, SC, you don’t need to keep turning your AC on throughout the whole year. It’s usually May-September when you use your Air Conditioning system the most. As a result, your AC unit is not under a continuous load. This factor usually extends AC’s lifespan if maintained under proper and regular servicing, which includes frequent and minor repairs while necessary. For all sort of maintenance and to keep your AC unit tuned-up, remember us; Southern Seasons Heating & Air is good at these.

Are you passionate to specific brand/model or certain machines

For every product we use, we often have a specific taste or tendency to lean on certain brands, models or products. Once we start using them, they become indispensable parts of our daily life. Like the way we care about our lovely pets, we don’t usually want to let those things down. Is your old Air Conditioning system something like that? Like, say, your dad installed that unit, but unfortunately, he no longer lives. Or, in some other way, is this more than just a machine to you? Here, the answer ‘Yes’ leaves you no choice but only to repair your AC unit, whatever it costs. Experts with profound knowledge about different types of HVAC system can help you resolve this kind of issue while considering relevant factors as well.

Are you shifting your home soon

That won’t be a good idea to replace your Air Conditioning unit if you are planning to move to another home in the next few months or a year or two. While purchasing a new one, you surely will try to afford one with the latest technology and configuration. But that may mismatch the settlement of your current one. So, you will need to pay for adjusting the configuration of the new one with the current settlement. And if you change your home, you may need to do the same thing twice. That’s why repairing your old unit is a better option here.

There is always a second opinion

Though we are here for business, we suggest what is best for our customer. Electric & electronic products and parts are sensitive. If you already have contacted a technician, team or company for suggestions regarding your malfunctioning AC unit, but still have a gut feeling that, you are not yet convinced, then simply look for a second opinion.

Why Southern Seasons?

The cases mentioned above are the most common ones, but these are not all. You may face different situations. When you feel the need of repairing your valuable AC unit, don’t try to fix anything on your own if you are not sure; you may mess with it, or even make the problem worse. There are few things, which need professionals’ attention. So whenever you need assistance, just pick up your phone and call for us.

Now, if you ask, apart from other companies, why should you choose Southern Seasons, here our answer:

  • Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Any customer we worked with, will surely appreciate our services.
  • We guarantee our services. We don’t consider our work finished until the customer is satisfied.
  • We always try to give you the most cost-effective solution for repairing cases.
  • Southern Seasons Heating & Air is one of the most experienced companies in this area for HVAC servicing with 26 years of experiences. We could deal with your problem more efficiently than others.
  • We don’t hide any kind of charges. From the beginning, you will be informed clearly that, how much you need to pay for our services.
  • Our experts are up-to-date. They are knowledgeable of even the latest technology in their field.
  • We do care about our reputation. Which means, we shall try please you with our best effort.

Contact Southern Seasons Heating & Air Service. We are waiting for your call!

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