Ductless Mini-Split


Ductless mini-split

Ductless Air Conditioning Applications

Traditional central air conditioners are complex, awkward and inflexible. In some instances, building architect have to change the plans to account for the duct-work and other air dispersal components. There are many variables in a ducted system, unacceptable contractors often size the equipment inappropriate, which can lead to comfort issues and astray efficiency.

Ductless split systems are different because they’re completely self-contained. Eliminating the duct-work means there are no leaks or loose connections to rob efficiency. Every ductless unit has a separate air handler inside an eye catching cabinet installed in the ceiling or hung on a interior wall. The air handler can be positioned to provide maximum comfort because there are no structural impediments to deal with. Efficiency is optimized since the air doesn’t have to travel down long runs of duct-work.

Ductless AC Applications

trane-TConsoleIndoorDuctlessAngleDuctless mini-splits can be used in a wide array of applications:

  • Room additions
  • Garage conversions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Attic conversions
  • Sun rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bonus rooms
  • Basement build-outs

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split System

If you’re into comfort, efficiency, and stylish flexibility, ductless provides a number of compelling benefits:

  • Better Comfort: All the units in a ductless system operate independently, so each user can adjust the temperature in a zone to meet their personal preference. Every system includes a remote control thermostat for the ultimate in temperature contouring.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Ductwork is the enemy of air conditioning efficiency because of leaks, gaps, and breaches. In contrast, the air handler in a ductless system sits directly in the space, so the loss of efficiency is negligible. Advanced inverter technology provides ductless efficiencies up to 30 SEER, which no conventional central air conditioner can match.
  • Easy Installation: A ductless installation requires a single 3-inch hole cut in an exterior wall, so the entire job is usually finished in just one day. Labor costs are much lower because the entire duct system is eliminated.